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Tablz is a guest fulfillment system that works with your reservation system to help your FOH team better manage guest requests.
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Today's Diners Come with Big Expectations

Guests want to personalize their hospitality experiences with services like:

Seat Selection

Do you have specific tables or sections that are in high demand? Avoid guest disappointment, reduce front door chaos, and ensure your best guests are in your best seats.


Do you want more guests to receive your VIP experience? Allow them to pre-order special bottles, have their wine decanted ahead of time, and add special touches like flowers.

Group Bookings

Do you find too much time is spent dealing with large groups? Simplify the booking experience, secure minimum spends, and avoid taking valuable time away from your event coordinator.
Did you know?


of adults want to pick their exact table when making a reservation.

National Household Survey 2020

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are building faster.
Operator Feedback
"Tablz has solved our 'window table' dilemma by creating a reliable revenue stream & elevating guest satisfaction. Our guests love the guarantee of securing their preferred table."
– Jason Yeofoli
Owner & Executive Chef, Moonraker
Guest Review
"It was quick and easy. I had family come to town and wanted to make sure we had a good table. The hostess said if I really wanted to get a nice table - to go through Tablz!"
– Adam
Gene & Georgetti, Guest
Operator Feedback
"Tablz has been invaluable in helping guests understand our unique lounge-style seating. Since implementing Tablz, we've seen a decrease in cancellations and a boost in revenue, as guests are more committed to their chosen table."
– Kira Northrop
Manager, Palma
Guest Review
"I had an idea of what I was looking for and liked to see the options. It was easy to screenshot the info and send to the group chat. Tablz helped us plan a nice bday celebration!"
– Nicole
Utopian Tailgate, Guest
Operator Feedback
“Tablz has streamlined the process for guests who want to reserve specific areas, reducing the volume admin work. Their tech integrates seamlessly with our existing systems, making it easy for both our staff and guests.”
– Michael Weider
Director of Operations, Cafe La Trova
Guest Review
"I liked that I could see where to sit. We got good pictures and don’t think we would have if we sat somewhere else"
– Deandre
Bao Steakhouse West Hollywood, Guest
Operator Feedback
"When I first saw Tablz, I thought why didn't I think of that? Our ethos at IGC is providing hospitality with personality! Why ruin the guest experience by placing them at the wrong table?"
– Jeff Brosi
Owner & Managing Partner, Refinery Rooftop
Guest Review
"My favorite part was being able to see the tables and select where to sit. I have a toddler and chose a specific table that I felt was best for a child"
– Anthony
Roka Akor San Francisco, Guest
Operator Feedback
“Upon seeing Tablz, I instantly knew I needed it for Romeos. We put so much thought into the design and character of our restaurant, we wanted something that could tell our story!”
– Evan Hawkins
Owner, Romeos
Guest Review
"I liked the layout of the restaurant and being able to select a specific table. Resy & OpenTable don’t have that feature."
– KC
Kitchen & Kocktails, Guest
A New Era in Hospitality

Guest Fulfillment

Learn More
Step into the future of hospitality with our founder, Frazer Nagy. Learn how Guest Fulfillment is changing the game for restaurants and diners alike.

What ruins a perfect service?

Despite a perfect service, it can be ruined by one thing: the wrong table.

Every other industry has embraced personalization, yet, hospitality lags behind with outdated reservation practices that auto-assign our guests to random tables regardless of their preferences and budget.

Learning from the Best

The airline industry's innovative approach to seat selection transformed passenger experiences and the industry's profitability. Imagine offering that same level of guest experience and personalization in your restaurant?

Defining Guest Fulfillment

It's all about meeting and exceeding guest expectations. From choosing the perfect table to special touches like pre-ordered wine or flowers waiting at the table. You want your best guests, in your best tables without the guesswork, Tablz makes it possible.
What is involved?

Three easy steps, at no cost!

Unlock the full potential of your dining room. Transform your guest experience, ensuring every diner enjoys the perfect seat and experience.

Quick & Easy Setup

Our team conducts a 1-2 hour 3D capture of your dining area. A pre-arranged setup of your space is all we require.

Review & Training

Learn how Tablz works with your existing reservation systems, empowering you to enhance guest satisfaction effortlessly.

Go Live!

We collaborate with you to add the Tablz booking portal on your website, inviting guests to upgrade to your best tables.
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Maximize Dining Room Revenue

Utilize dynamic pricing for premium tables to boost profitability with zero added costs.

Enhance Guest Experience

Offer guests the opportunity to upgrade to your best tables personalizing their dining experience.

Easy Setup

Works alongside your existing reservation system without the need for additional hardware or software. This easy setup means you can start enhancing your guest experience and increasing revenue right away.