About Us

Meet our team

A picture of the Tablz team
Welcome to Tablz, the forefront of revolutionizing the dining experience through our groundbreaking Guest Fulfillment system. Founded in 2021 by a quartet of visionaries, Tablz is dedicated to transforming the traditional revenue management and seating arrangements in the hospitality industry into a dynamic, personalized experience for both restaurateurs and diners alike.

Our Mission and Vision

At Tablz, we are pioneering the concept of Guest Fulfillment—a revolutionary approach that empowers guests to tailor their dining experiences by selecting their preferred seating through an intuitive, interactive platform. This innovative system not only elevates the guest experience but also opens up new revenue avenues for restaurants by enabling them to offer premium seating options.

Since our inception in 2021, Tablz has been on a relentless pursuit to redefine the dining landscape. Our history is marked by rapid growth and a steadfast commitment to enhancing the connection between restaurants and their patrons. By integrating cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of the hospitality industry's needs, we've developed a platform that stands at the intersection of convenience, personalization, and efficiency.

Join us as we continue to set new standards in the hospitality industry, fostering memorable dining experiences and driving profitability for restaurants worldwide. With Tablz, the future of dining is not just about enjoying great food—it's about creating perfect moments, one seat at a time.

Meet our founders

portrait of Frazer Nagy, CEO of Tablz
Frazer Nagy
Founder & CEO
With an extensive background in dining room economics and a heartfelt commitment to sustainable development, leads Tablz with an innovative vision. His expertise, rooted in over a decade of direct restaurant experience and bolstered by his international economics education, drives our mission forward. As a seventh-generation farmer, Frazer's dedication to the narrative behind each dish shapes our approach to revolutionizing the hospitality industry.
A portrait of Jerome St-Hilaire
Jérôme St-Hilaire
Chief Technology Officer
Our technological advancements are spearheaded by Jérôme St-Hilaire, a cyber security wizard with a knack for building robust, data-heavy systems. Jérôme's passion for coding is only rivaled by his prowess in leading dynamic teams toward groundbreaking innovations. His current focus is harnessing AI and business intelligence tools to pioneer revenue management solutions for the hospitality sector.
A portrait of Stef Scrivens
Stef Scrivens
Chief Operations Officer
A Michelin-starred pastry chef and a courageous brain cancer survivor, brings a unique blend of culinary excellence and resilience to our team. Her experiences in kitchens across the globe, coupled with her adept organizational skills, are instrumental in keeping our operations streamlined and focused on overcoming challenges.
A portrait of Andrej Sakic
Andrej Sakic
Chief Product Officer
Andrej Sakic’s journey from a precocious child intrigued by technology to a digital product design maestro exemplifies his blend of creativity and technical skill. His role at Tablz is to navigate the complexities of revenue management in the hospitality industry, applying a design-centric perspective to craft intuitive, effective solutions.