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Not all dining rooms are equal, so pricing them should reflect that.

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For those who embrace guest fulfillment, enabling their guests to choose and upgrade to one of their most popular tables.
$0per month
Priced & free table upgrades
Attend events
Daily reporting
Automatic updates
Unlimited upgrades
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For those who are hesitant to charge their guests for choosing to sit at one of their most popular tables.
$199per month
Free table upgrades
Attend events
Daily reporting
Automatic updates
Unlimited upgrades
Media gallery support
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How much can I earn?

Our restaurant partners can generate an additional $26K a year, with some capable of earning 6 figures based on their dining room configuration!
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Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
Does Tablz work alongside my existing reservation systems?
Tablz is not a reservation system and is designed to work alongside any reservation system.  You don’t need to change anything, or manage another system. All Tablz VIP bookings end up directly in your existing reservation system. 
How much can I make using Tablz? 
That depends on the demand of your restaurant and more specifically the demand for certain seating areas within your restaurant. Many restaurants for example still generate 10’s of thousands of additional profit from just one in demand section even if their whole dining room isn’t entirely full every night. 
I only have one busy timeslot a couple of times a week. Do I still qualify for Tablz? 
Yes! If there is more demand for specific seats than there is supply even for a couple times a week then you should absolutely consider adding Tablz to your reservation system. 
I don’t want to charge for tables when my restaurant is slow.
And we don’t want you to either. During slow periods we recommend offering the same VIP hospitality experience of pre-selecting your table but for free. Our team is here to assist in all elements of seating optimization. 
I am afraid my customers will push back in this economy? 
We hear you and there is a lot of conflicting data out there but remember Tablz is 100% optional and a voluntary guest service. None of your guests have to pay! But for the top 19% of premium diners and VIP’s this is an extremely demanded service and they are willing to pay more so your other guests don’t have to. 
I am uncomfortable charging my guests for selecting their seats.
That’s no problem at all, Tablz is not for every dining room. If you want, however, to still offer this level of hospitality consider using Tablz to secure a minimum spend or offer the table for free. 
Revenue optimization is my top priority, how do I make as much money as possible with Tablz? 
We can certainly help with that and we will work with you to optimize the pricing and inventory necessary to generate as much additional revenue as possible but remember Tablz is first and foremost a hospitality tool to improve your guest experience.
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Maximize Dining Room Revenue

Utilize dynamic pricing for premium tables to boost profitability with zero added costs.

Enhance Guest Experience

Offer guests the opportunity to upgrade to your best tables personalizing their dining experience.

Easy Setup

Works alongside your existing reservation system without the need for additional hardware or software. This easy setup means you can start enhancing your guest experience and increasing revenue right away.