Tablz Works with Every Reservation Management System

Combine the power of your reservation management system with Tablz’s guest fulfillment to boost your restaurant's guest experience and profitability.
Doesn't Matter What You're Using, Tablz Works With All Of Them
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Tablz is the Perfect Companion to any Reservation System

By identifying VIPs who want to secure the right table, Tablz and your reservation management system of choice empower your team to enhance the guest experience and elevate your brand, while offsetting fees through a new source of revenue.

Secure Payment Upfront

Whether deposits or minimum spends, choose your means of reducing cancellations and no-shows, while securing payment upfront!

Offset Reservation Costs

Allow premium diners to personalize their dining experience, while harnessing the power of dynamic pricing to offset your booking costs.

Elevate Your Brand

Enhance your restaurant's brand by offering guest fulfillment to set you apart from the competition. Make every visit memorable!


Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.
Does Tablz work my reservation system?
Yes, Tablz works alongside all reservation platforms, allowing you to enhance your current system with premium seating options. This collaboration ensures a seamless operation without the need to change your existing setup.
How does dynamic pricing work?
Dynamic pricing with Tablz allows restaurants to adjust table prices based on demand, similar to how airline seats are priced. For example, a window seat might be free on a Monday but could cost $50 on a busy Friday night. This helps maximize revenue during peak times by charging more for high-demand tables​​​​.
Can I set caps on how much I charge for tables?
Yes, you can set caps on the pricing of your tables. This feature ensures that the table prices remain within a range that aligns with your restaurant’s pricing strategy and customer expectations​​​​.
Will Tablz affect my restaurant’s reputation with customers?
Tablz is designed to enhance your restaurant’s reputation by offering a premium, personalized dining experience. It targets premium diners and elevates their booking experience, making them feel valued and appreciated. This approach can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty​​​​.

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Maximize Dining Room Revenue

Utilize dynamic pricing for premium tables to boost profitability with zero added costs.

Enhance Guest Experience

Offer guests the opportunity to upgrade to your best tables personalizing their dining experience.

Easy Setup

Works alongside your existing reservation system without the need for additional hardware or software. This easy setup means you can start enhancing your guest experience and increasing revenue right away.

Tablz Works with Every RMS

Combine the power of your RMS with Tablz’s guest fulfillment to boost your restaurant's guest experience and profitability.

Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Everything You Need to Know
Can Tablz work with OpenTable?
Tablz complements any reservation system without requiring changes to your existing workflow.
How does dynamic pricing work, and can I set caps on how much tables can cost?
Adjust pricing to align with demand and service levels - capturing maximum revenue from high demand periods and even encouraging guests to book off-peak times to maximize table turns.
Will implementing Tablz affect my restaurant's relationship with customers?
Tablz is designed to complement your relationship with regular customers, targeting premium diners and enhancing their booking experience.

Tablz is the Perfect Companion to any RMS

Unlock Superior Dining Experiences and New Revenue

Works Seemlessly

Merging Tablz with your RMS system is a breeze, enhancing your reservation capabilities without extra hassle.

Boosted Efficiency

Capitalize on Tablz’s innovative features for a smarter, more profitable reservation management.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Deliver on guest expectations with precision seating and experience customization, only with Tablz + OpenTable.