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How long does the 3D scanning process take, and will it disrupt my restaurant's operations?
Our 3D scanning is swift, taking only 1-2 hours and is scheduled during off-peak hours to avoid disrupting your service.
Can Tablz work alongside my existing reservation systems?
Tablz complements any reservation system without requiring changes to your existing workflow.
How does Tablz justify charging for premium seating and how can this benefit both guests and restaurant operators?
Tablz enriches guest experience with OPTIONAL premium seating, similar to choosing preferred seats at events or airlines, benefiting your establishment's ambiance and revenue.
How does Tablz handle cancellations and no-shows for reserved tables?
Tablz is customizable to cater to your specific policies regarding cancellations and no-shows. Our standard is 24 hours in advance for cancellations. As long as you mark them down as a no show in your RMS, we will charge accordingly. 
Criteria for joining Tablz
While each restaurant is unique, for a restaurant to be successful with Tablz there are a few criteria:

1. Demand - restaurants work best on Tablz when they are busy most days of the week but especially on weekends. 

2. Differential seating options - booths, tables in corners, tables with a view. These are the types of tables that are most requested by guests. 

3. Mid to upscale restaurants - higher price points, nice interiors, unique environments. People are most likely to pay for table upgrades when the restaurant is of a certain caliber. 
How frequently can I update my restaurant's table availability on Tablz?
Update your seating availability as needed. Tablz will reflect changes based on your RMS data.
My restaurant is too busy to deal with this operationally
1. Tablz is designed to enhance guest experience while also streamlining restaurant operations - saving time rather than adding to it. Tablz works brilliantly with your existing reservation system so, you are not managing two systems! 

2. It's important to highlight that Tablz specifically targets a minimal portion—approx 15-20%—of your dining room inventory. This percentage is strategically focused on your premium tables and unique sections. By doing so, we ensure that your restaurant maintains operational flexibility, even during busy periods.
I change my dining room around a lot, is this a problem?
Almost every restaurant moves tables around. We take this into consideration when selecting your Tablz inventory – empowering your FOH team to adjust as necessary while leveraging Tablz.
Will implementing Tablz affect my restaurant's relationship with regular customers?
Tablz is designed to complement your relationship with regular customers, targeting premium diners and enhancing their booking experience.
What kind of support does Tablz offer to restaurants for onboarding and troubleshooting?
We offer comprehensive support with around the clock availability to facilitate a smooth transition to Tablz, including training and ongoing assistance.
How does dynamic pricing work, and can I set caps on how much tables can cost?
Adjust pricing to align with demand and service levels - capturing maximum revenue from high demand periods and even encouraging guests to book off-peak times to maximize table turns.
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