Easy Steps to Upload Your Videos

Everything you need to know about sharing your videos with Tablz
1) Click the Google Drive Link
Google Drive Link
2) Create a New Folder
Once you're in the Drive, right-click and choose 'New Folder'. This will be your dedicated space for uploading videos.
3) Name Your Folder
Rename the folder to: “[Your Restaurant Name] - [City]”. This helps us easily identify and access your content.
4) Upload Your Videos
Open your newly created folder and drag-and-drop your video files into it. Alternatively, you can click the 'New' button, then 'File upload', and select the videos from your computer.
5) Confirm Upload
After your videos are uploaded, they will appear in your folder. Please double-check to make sure all your content is uploaded.
6) Notify Us
Once you’ve uploaded the videos, send us a quick email to confirm. We’ll take it from there!

Finished uploading your content? Notify us here!