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Why Every Restaurant Needs A Guest Fulfillment System

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February 7, 2024

Why Every Restaurant Needs A Guest Fulfillment System 

Let’s face it: we live in the future—cars that drive themselves and food delivered by drones are just the beginning. 

Typically, the restaurant industry is slow to adopt new technology, but the pandemic changed all that, and customers have loved every minute of it because it’s made their dining experiences easier and more enjoyable. 

To stay competitive, restaurants need to be aware of new technology that can elevate the dining experience for their guests, and we’re here to share with you that a guest fulfillment system is the best way to do that. 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • How a guest fulfillment system transforms how people are going out to eat.
  • The importance of a customer-centric approach to build a solid base of regulars.
  • The operational efficiencies and revenue growth opportunities offered by integrating a guest fulfillment system.

Let’s dive in.

Understanding Guest Fulfillment Systems 

A guest fulfillment system (GFS) is innovative software that connects with your current reservation system, allowing guests to not only make a reservation but pick the exact table they want during their visit.

With each reservation, customers can also leave detailed requests related to their special occasion, like:

  • Preorder drinks like champagne and wine to have ready at the table. 
  • Request balloons, cards, or cake.
  • Floral arrangements for dates or anniversaries
  • The chance to meet the chef.

A GFS helps operators create a hyper-personalized dining experience that competitors can’t duplicate. There’s no other experience like this in the restaurant industry, and it will impress your customers profoundly. 

In addition to these exceptional capabilities, it also acts as a new revenue source for your business. By using dynamic pricing, each reservation can be charged a table fee based on the time and popularity of each dining room table.

For a deeper dive into a GFS, read our Ultimate Guide To Guest Fulfillment Systems

Let’s look more closely at why customers rave about guest fulfillment systems. 

The Customer-Centric Approach

A GFS makes every customer feel like a VIP. 

Typically, when going out to eat, customers begin their journey by making their reservation—let’s say it’s for an anniversary. 

After setting the date, time, and number of guests, the person making the reservation uses the notes section to communicate:

“It’s our anniversary—if there’s anything you can do to make it special, we would be very grateful.”

The staff, I’m sure, will do their best to make it a memorable visit—this usually comes in the form of a free dessert at the end of their meal—nothing crazy.

The reality is that this guest is taking a huge gamble with their anniversary dinner—they could wind up sitting by the bathroom or kitchen door, with servers rushing by every few seconds or other customers walking to and from the bathroom.

Not very romantic.

And there’s no way to avoid getting an undesirable table because the system doesn’t allow guests to select their tables or leave detailed requests about their visit.

This entire situation could easily be avoided using a guest fulfillment system.

A GFS empowers customers to create their own personalized dining experience—and it starts with allowing guests to pick their own table using a virtual 3D map of your dining room. 

This image is a screenshot of the 3D map leading into the front door of Tablz partner Fairouz Cafe in Ottawa.

Using your computer's cursor, you can tour the virtual restaurant by tapping anywhere on the screen or by following white circles on the ground. 

Follow this link here to tour Fairouz Cafe yourself, and you’ll quickly see why customers love it. 

A GFS is a customer-centric approach to creating unforgettable visits to your restaurant. 

Every guest feels valued, appreciated, and like a VIP—but it’s not just people celebrating their anniversary who want to use a GFS again and again. 

Let’s look at the different types of customers who will find immense value in a GFS every time they go out to eat. 

Which Guest Demographics Need A Guest Fulfillment System

The reasons why people go out to eat are wide and varied, but they are very specific—if a restaurant can cater to each of these unique needs and desires, it automatically sets them head and shoulders above other restaurants in the area.

Here are just a handful of patrons who will appreciate what a GFS offers:

  • Business Travelers: They want a quick, fuss-free dining experience—usually a spot away from the noise, perfect for a working lunch or a client meeting.
  • Couples on Date Nights: Couples looking for that perfect intimate spot can choose a cozy table or beautiful view that's just right for a romantic evening.
  • Birthday Parties: Party hosts need adaptable spaces for their group size and vibe. A GFS allows them to select a section that can accommodate everyone comfortably and make the celebration special.
  • Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties: They’re all about fun and want a spot that's in the center of the action. A GFS helps them find a table close to the live band or the dance floor.
  • Tourists: They want to soak in the local ambiance. GFS can help them choose a seat with the best view or in a spot known for people-watching.
  • Influencers: They need a spot that's visually appealing for their content. A GFS lets them pick a picturesque or uniquely designed part of the restaurant.
  • Executive Assistants and Event Planners: They need control and flexibility to organize successful events. A GFS allows them to select the most suitable space for corporate events or large group gatherings.

In each case, a GFS enhances the dining experience by meeting the specific expectations and preferences of these varied groups. 

It’s easy to see how your restaurant will become the preferred dining location when guests know you’ll always fulfill their requests.

Operational Benefits for Restaurants

A guest fulfillment system makes life easier for everyone—here are several ways how:

  • Efficient Reservation Management: Automating reservations through a GFS saves staff from the time-consuming task of manual booking, allowing them to focus more on guest service and less on administrative duties. Each guest preselects their table, so FOH doesn’t need to assign seating. 
  • Optimized Table Allocation: The system ensures every table is used to its full potential, reducing empty table times and maximizing restaurant capacity, especially during peak hours.
  • Insights into Guest Preferences: By tracking guest choices and preferences, a GFS enables staff to create tailored service packages, making each dining experience more personal and memorable. For example, a birthday package that comes with balloons, cards, and a cake. 
  • Reduced Wait Times for Guests: Efficient table management and reservation handling mean guests spend less time waiting for their table, leading to a smoother, more enjoyable dining experience.
  • Prevention of Booking Conflicts: The system minimizes the risks of overbooking or double-booking, ensuring that each reservation is accurately recorded and managed.

A smooth-running restaurant makes everyone happy—staff has the tools to manage tables and seat guests quickly while customers consistently have special requests fulfilled. 

Marketing and Revenue Advantages

We’ve touched on it a couple times briefly, but let's talk about your new revenue source if you partner with a GFS like Tablz. 

The system uses what’s called dynamic pricing. You’re already familiar with the concept if you’ve ever bought plane tickets, used a ride-share app, or got tickets to a concert. 

Prices change based on market demand, meaning you adjust your table fees based on how many people are trying to reserve a specific table at the same time.

For example, if your chef is a big name in the culinary world, your chef’s table (table or counter that views the kitchen) will be a popular choice, especially on the weekends. 

Foodies would LOVE to watch the master at work and will pay top dollar for it. Using a GFS means you can add a table fee during the reservation process, and the amount is entirely up to you. 

$10, $50, or $250, it doesn’t matter. You set the price at whatever people are willing to pay for that date and time.

The best part is you now have a new revenue source and no extra cost of goods.

Table selection is a fantastic marketing topic as well. The number one cause of guest anxiety is the inability to select their seat. 

A GFS changes all that. 

As guests experience the GFS, your restaurant will quickly become a topic of conversation among local foodies.

A guaranteed chance to watch a celebrity chef work the line? 

People will talk, and word-of-mouth marketing is the best organic marketing you can’t buy. 

It won’t take long before tables quickly sell out, and you can raise table fees to match the demand. 

This is just one scenario, and the same thing can happen to restaurants with a view, patio, private rooms, cozy booths, or anything customers find enticing. 


Adopting a guest fulfillment system like Tablz in your restaurant is a game-changer.

It’s not just an upgrade to your existing reservation platform—it elevates your customer's dining experience, streamlines your operations, and opens the door to new revenue sources. 

Restaurants that partner with Tablz generally see an increase of $65,000 to $90,000 a year in revenue with zero additional cost of goods. 

When customers use the GFS, there will quickly be a buzz in your local area, with guests talking about “the best tables in town.”

If you’d like to partner with Tablz or get a guest fulfillment system for your restaurant, reach out, and let’s talk about how easy it is to get a GFS for your business. 

After making a 3D scan of your dining room, your GFS will be up and running in less than a week.

We’ll guide you through the whole process and even help you pick tables and price them accordingly.

Let’s give your customers an unforgettable experience and make more money for your restaurant.

Start today!

Frazer Nagy
CEO | Founder
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